Police to crack down on fly tipping near clothes bank

POLICE at Winsley have been asked to crack down on fly-tipping next to the Winsley Primary School clothes bank.

The request has come from the school’s head teacher, Rebecca Wilson, following a spate of incidents.

One local resident, who asked not to be named, said people have dumped old toys and other household waste next to the metal containers for donated clothes.

“Unfortunately, the clothes bank has been a victim of its own success. People who use it found the containers were full and left their unwanted clothes next to it. Some people have started to leave things other than clothes, such as broken children’s toys and domestic waste.”

For the past five years, the school has used the services of a textile recycling company to collect old clothes in a metal clothes bank located at the top of the school drive.

The move has earned hundreds of pounds a year to support school funds and has provided a useful service to Winsley residents wanting to donate old clothing they no longer need.

But the scheme is being blighted by low-level fly tipping next to the clothes banks and the school is anxious to stop the anti-social behaviour.

An article in the local magazine, the Winsley Weaver, said:

“Parents have been alerted to the problem and asked to ensure they never leave bags beside the clothes banks. In addition, the local Police Community Support Officer has been asked to keep an eye on the area in the hope of deterring further incidents.”

PCSO Andrew MacLachlan said he had driven by the clothes bank and had found it was full to overflowing but there was no unwanted goods left beside it.

“Now that I know there’s a problem, I will keep an eye on it,” he said.

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