Council to consult over bollards

TOWN councillors in Bradford on Avon are to investigate replacing damaged bollards at Whitehill.

The bollards were allegedly damaged by an Eddie Stobart HGV vehicle turning on the mini-roundabout. Some were bent and knocked over.

The council’s highways, traffic and transport committee would like to see them replaced with bollards which are similar.

They have been told that designs similar to the existing bollards are no longer available so they will have to accept something new.

The committee decided to consult local residents on whether the bollards should be replaced and with what.

This is Wiltshire


    • Come on, the bollards are fine. Just reseat them. They might need some minor repairs to their base by a competent metal worker but I’m sure that’s all.

      Also please ensure Eddie Stobart pays for them

      • I entirely agree that repair should be considered before replacement. It would seem a sensible way to proceed.

    • Just re-seat them as Tony says and get on with it, they’ve been like that for months!

    • Yes, there is no need whatsoever to replace them nor to waste time and money consulting on what to do. They just need to be dug out, reseated and resealed a job that should take only half a day maximum.

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